Volunteer information

Green Umbrella Volunteer Program

Green Umbrella is located in Takeo Province. Green Umbrella (GU) largely focuses on education through our three projects: Karuna Kumar School, KKS (Kinder – Grade 3), Good Kid’s School, GKS (teaching English, Kinder to Grade 12) and “OR’ Design, our social enterprise project. For information on Green Umbrella and what our development plans are please check our strategy planWe welcome your involvement in all our projects but particularly with our two schools.


Where do you stay and eat?

There are 3 choices of accommodation:

  1. You can stay in a Khmer style house on your own.

2. With a Khmer family (great for practising Khmer)

3. Or you can stay in our Boarding House (BH) in the pagoda. The Boarding House,  sleeps 10 people. There are 5 rooms and two beds in each room.

What will you learn from your time at GU?

Green Umbrella’s staff  are young or young at heart. When you volunteer you will  share in their daily activities.  You will learn new facts about Cambodia and Cambodian culture every day.

You will :

  • feel connected to the Green Umbrella community.
  • understand that diversity and difference are valuable.
  • learn about Cambodian culture, history, country life, food, jobs, transport, housing and what life is like for marginalised people in a developing country.
  • understand the value of education and how many children overcome difficult physical, social, emotional and economic barriers as they strive to reach their full potential.
  • learn more about Green Umbrella’s NGO work, education programs and social enterprise projects.
  • appreciate the ways that people are trying make a difference in Cambodia.
  • learn about sustainable development and ecotourism projects through hands on action and collaboration.
  • learn the Khmer language, and practice it daily.

How long can you volunteer?

You can volunteer with Green Umbrella for a month or up to a year. We would love to have you stay for at least 3 months.

What do we need?

  • English speakers.
  • We need teachers, who can work with the KKS teachers and model teaching in groups, differentation, classroom management, reading circles, library lessons, reading aloud, hands on Maths.
  • Join our teachers at the Good Kid’s School and teach English in the afternoons from 5.30pm-6.30pm.
  • We need people who are expert in information technologies and are able to share their knowledge with our teachers, students and office staff.
  • A  library teacher who can work with our librarian to set up a borrowing system, develop library lessons and promote reading to our KKS students.
  • A skilled administrator, accountant, office manager or anyone experienced in human resources, to help us organise and put structures in place in Green Umbrella’s office.
  • A green fingered person who can help by further developing our vegetable garden and grounds.
  • Moreover, we need anyone who is happy and successful in their life, talented in their business or has other skills so that they can share their knowledge to all our students, our community and Green Umbrella’s staff.

For further information please check out our Volunteer Information.

If you are interested  in volunteering at Green Umbrella, please send an email to :

E-mail: info@greenumbrella-khmer.org


Non-profit NGO focusing on education for children in Cambodia.