Green Umbrella was established in 2008 by a group of young people and teachers in the Putsor community near Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Led by Venerable Hour Sokrath, their objective is to provide an opportunity for education to Cambodian children and youth.

We started from the ground level to work with the Putsor community which had more than 50% of the families living below the poverty line, totaling 2500 families. Our Karuna Kumar School (KKS) has been successful until now thanks to the power of the youth in the community and by creating partnerships with international schools around the world. Their financial support and exchange programs have also enabled us to expand into other projects for the community such as the Green Umbrella part-time English School, as well as the Soccer project. We saw tremendous positive change in our community as a result.

As of 2017, 82 kids are studying in KKS primary school from Grade 1 to Grade 5, and 247 students at our part-time English school. Out of this, 138 are females and 15 scholarships have been awarded. Since 2008, 62 high school students have been trained to be English teachers themselves at Green Umbrella.

Non-profit NGO focusing on education for children in Cambodia.