GU English School

Green Umbrella’s English School has 250 students from primary, secondary and high school who are regularly attending English part-time classes in the evening (5:15-6:15) from Monday to Friday.

There are three main special aspects of this project:

  • We train high school students about multiple skills such as English, self-management, leadership and TESOL. Then they can use these skills to develop themselves to be a teacher, a manager, a leader and a professional staff. Some of those students are selected to be English teachers at GU English School. The benefits for the high school students are they receive professional development and also the 70% of the payment from students per month, which they use to support for their own school expenses.
  • Because English private schools are expensive, we allow children who cannot afford to pay school fees and give these students the same opportunity to start learning English.
  • In public school education system, government puts English lesson from 4th But there are no enough English teachers to implement the program. So we support government to achieve the goal of providing English program in primary school from 4th grade.

Non-profit NGO focusing on education for children in Cambodia.