Generation. Education. Period.


  Generation. Education. Period.  (GEP) 

GEP empowers girls in Putsor Commune  by providing sex education workshops and affordable eco friendly, reusable sanitary kits.

The Generation. Education. Period. team will run 4 sex education workshops in 2017/2018.
Generation. Education. Period. project will provide-

  • Affordable GEP kits for girls in Putsor Commune
  • Instructions on how to use the kits & information on the benefits for good health and well being, & the environment
  • Support for Green Umbrella’s Social Enterprise Programme (Sok & Sokheang  make the kits)
  • Sex education workshops for girls

GEP addresses two Sustainable Development Goals …






Expected outcomes of the project include:

  • Improved attendance at school by girls resulting in increased levels of education
  • Enriched participation in life
  • Improved hygiene for females e.g. skin rashes or infections caused by inadequate menstruation supplies
  • Networking for girls  in the community
  • Empowerment of females
  • Girls as leaders, running workshops for their peers
  • Girls empowering girls by spreading the word about the availability of GEP kits and sex education workshops
  • Environmentally friendly resource that has a positive impact on local environments

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Non-profit NGO focusing on education for children in Cambodia.