Bamboo Straws

Bamboo straws made by Cambodian women

Reduce your environmental footprint, empower women, and help Cambodian children receive an education

These bamboo straws are 100% natural, and made by women in the Chum Preak Phen community, under the Khmer Women’s Handicraft Association. The women buy the bamboo stalks grown on villagers’ properties and work from home to make the straws. This helps them earn an income from their very remote and isolated village.

The bamboo straws come in a beautiful drawstring cloth bag (made by women working in the sewing centre of Green Umbrella), that holds 10 straws (6USD).

You can buy IMG_1499100 straws at a reduced price of 60USD.

Each straw is good for up to 30 uses and will biodegrade naturally when thrown away – this greatly reduces your environmental footprint as more than 500 million plastic straws are thrown away every day*. It is recommended that you rinse immediately after using them for thick drinks like milkshakes or smoothies. Wash straws in warm soapy water and clean with your stainless steel straw brush.

Non-profit NGO focusing on education for children in Cambodia.