Youth Program

Green Umbrella sees the potential of young people. They are key motivators to develop their community today and in the future. However, these young people do not have enough skills to work for their community, so GU provides leadership skills training, and hands-on activities to our youth.

Program Activities :


Capacity Building
Green Umbrella collaborates with UWCSEA, International Schools and volunteers from around the world to provide workshops on TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). And GU works with JUMP! Foundation to organize workshops on Leadership Skills such as community building and community needs, defining the problem, designing solutions and project presentation.

Generation Education Period (GEP)
Our youth work in GEP project to empower girls by providing sex education workshops and affordable eco-friendly, reusable sanitary kits. You can visit more activities on Facebook GEP.

Mobile Library
The mobile library project aims to improve reading skill to 3rd grade students who are slow learner students and to create a reading habit among the people in the community in particular. This project is leading by a group of our youth Putsor Community.

Non-profit NGO focusing on education for children in Cambodia.