Generation. Education. Period.


Generation. Education. Period. (GEP) empowers girls and women in Cambodia & Laos, by providing eco friendly, reusable sanitary kits to those living in poverty.

Green Umbrella NGO  in Cambodia and Lotus Educational Fund  in Laos, have combined forces to establish Generation. Education. Period. In answer to a call from girls/women who need support during menstruation in rural areas in both Cambodia and Laos, where we have previously established projects centred on education and girl’s empowerment through literacy.
Generation. Education. Period. project will provide-

  • GEP kits to females in rural Laos & Cambodia
  • Workshops on how to use the kits
  • Employment for 2 women in Cambodia to make the kits
  • Employment for 2 women in Laos to make the kits
  • Sex education workshops for girls and women

GEP addresses two Sustainable Development Goals are to…






Expected outcomes of the project include:

  • Improved attendance at school by girls resulting in increased levels of education
  • Improved attendance at work for women, signifying greater access to money and hence better quality family conditions
  • Enriched participation in life
  • Improved hygiene for females e.g. skin rashes or infections caused by inadequate menstruation supplies
  • Networking for girls & women in the community
  • Empowerment of females
  • Girls/women running workshops for their peers
  • Girls/women helping females by spreading the word about the availability of GEP kits and sex education workshops
  • Environmentally friendly resource that has a positive impact on local environments

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