Volunteer FAQs

Why Choose Green Umbrella to Volunteer?  

When you volunteer your time, skills and knowledge with us, you become a part of a unique community dedicated to the improvement and welfare of others. This is also a unique opportunity to learn our Khmer culture and even to learn the Khmer language. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of a new community of friends who share the same goals and aspirations. You will be part of helping a community survive poverty and reestablish their dignity and self-worth.

Where do you live and eat?

Options for accommodation and meals during your volunteering
-reside in the monastery in a house that will be provided by monastery
-live with Khmer family in the village and eat together with the family
-rent a house of Khmer style in the community
-eat in local restaurants or purchase food to cook yourself

What health care service is available?

Green Umbrella’s volunteer coordinator will facilitate health care services for you, such as contacting a doctor and taking you to see a doctor in Phnom Penh.


Cambodia is full of natural and man-made wonders.  Consider visiting some of theses places during your time off or when on holiday:

Baty River

Tamao Mountain

Chisou Mountain

The centre of Takeo province, and Phnom Da Temple.

Kep City/Kampot

Bouk Kor Mountain

In Phnom Penh

Choeung Ek (Genocide Museum from the Khmer Rouge period)

The Killing Fields


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