Good Kid’s School

Good Kid’s School Project

Primary, Middle and High School students learn English at two Good Kid’s Schools (GKS)  from 5.30pm- 6.30pm Monday to Friday.

IMG_9488Good Kid’s Schools operates in two locations Krang Knung and in Putsor Commune. In Krang Knung GKS, there are 198 students in 6 English classes for Primary, Middle and High School students from Monday to Thursday. Students are also offered basic computer lessons in Excel and Microsoft Office. There are 6 computers and students can attend from Monday to Friday from 6.00pm -7.00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 5.00 -6.00pm.

In Putsor Commune’s Good Kid’s School there are 216 students who attend English classes from Monday to Thursday to improve their improve their listening, speaking and reading skills. There are 10 classes which provide English education to Primary, Middle and High School students.

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Good Kid’s School staff consists of qualified teachers and High School students who are being trained to teach English. The benefit for these High School students is that they receive professional development through Training Teachers in Cambodia five times per year, which teaches speaking, reading, writing and classroom management. The student teachers meet twice a month with their supervisor. They are encouraged to challenge themselves by experimenting with different methods of teaching. They write lesson plans and are well prepared for their teaching.

The High School students are acquiring new skills and techniques in teaching which in turn helps with their own learning. They are respected in the community as they are seen as leaders that are committed to paying back to their community. They receive $30 to $50 per month which they use to support their own High School and future University education.

IMG_9497 - Version 2Past student teachers have been welcomed to universities and have achieved independent part-time work such as teaching in private schools, becoming hotel assistants and working for various companies. Their work at GKS has given them time management, planning, English and communication skills.