Who we are

Who are we:

Green Umbrella Organization is the neutral organization, non-government, non-profit, and focus on important to reinforce with quality of basis education. On 2012 December, Green Umbrella has established an accomplice by Buddhist monks, teachers, and students of association in Put Sor district Bati commune Takeo province, Cambodia.

Our commission is supporting and giving opportunity bases to children, and woman to getting education, to raise the standard of living of people with perpetuity.
Community’s development, according to use the base resources already yet, is our bases strategies. We believe our emotion on urge all citizens participate in them community development with continuity.

Until now, amount of children are received from studying in high school and amount of woman are received from training their profession. In addition, all young children in high school and upper high school become active volunteer do the work in order to change their fate and their community in accordance with organization’s projects.
Following this success, we have been continued our process by participated in community and charity of owner with high-mindedness.

Green Umbrella’s Values:

We work to educate and increase the prosperity of people with peaceful respect to the three values of Buddhist teaching:

  • Khanti: Showing great patience when working to increase the prosperity of the community.
  • Sacca: Being honest, accountable and transparent in all of the work we do with the community.
  • Kattannu: Respecting the environment that we live in and showing gratitude for the world around us, promoting a greener future for all.

Green Umbrella’s Vision:

To see a community in the future where young people and society’s most vulnerable citizens are smiling, happy and prosperous.

Green Umbrella’s Mission:

Our mission is to create job opportunities for families with disabled members; help students who have dropped out of school and disabled youths integrate into society as productive citizens; and enhance educational opportunities for at-risk young women and children.

Green Umbrella’s Goal:

  • Karma: to create employment for disabled family members in their local community
  • Viccha: to provide vocational skills for school dropout students
  • Dhamma: to provide educational opportunities and empower vulnerable women and children
  • Sila: to preserve social morality and conserve our local environment for a greener future.