Karuna Kumar School

Karuna Kumar School 

Karuna Kumar School is housed in two double story buildings and includes 5 classrooms, a library and an administration area. The school includes a kitchen, eating area, toilet block, playground, gardens and sports field.IMG_0843

Karuna Kumar School (KKS) is located in the Putsor Commune. Many families in the Commune are living in poverty and cannot afford to send their children to school. In an attempt to break the poverty cycle, Green Umbrella has chosen one child from 60 different families to attend KKS. There are 15 students in Kindergarten, 15 in Grade 1, 16 in Grade 2 and 15 students in Grade 3.

Children attend school from 7.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday. There are six teachers employed by the school, including a Librarian and English teacher. The school also employs a Head of School, a cook, guard and cleaner.

Six teachers – 4 classroom teachers, a Librarian and English teacher,  work at KKS.  IMG_9486There is also a cook, guard, cleaner and Head of School.

Children are provided with an education based on the Khmer curriculum, which includes Khmer, Maths and Social Science. KKS also provides Physical Education, Health & Hygiene, Music & English class. Breakfast and lunch are provided each day to ensure that students have good nutrition and are happy and healthy. The Curriculum is being developed in all areas, as we not only want to provide Khmer studies, but to ensure that students have access to a well rounded education and the chance to reach their full potential. We want students to be the best they can be!

These children would have been unlikely to receive an education if
IMG_9475 they did not attend KKS. Their education is having a huge impact on the community. The children  respect their school, environment and community
and have a sense of responsibility that has had a positive influence on their family dynamics, their relationship with their neighbours and community. The children attending KKS have had a profound  impact on many of their parents, with changed behavior and less family violence. Parents are paying more attention to their child’s education and to
their child.