There are many ways that you can help make a difference in our impoverished community. Your donation will have a great impact on Green Umbrella’s programs.  Funds will help support our library, classrooms, teachers, facilities, kitchen and grounds.

You can make a transfer securely in the following ways:

1. Donate directly

Account Name: Green Umbrella
Account Number: 3459-01-293524-1-7

2. Donate through PayPal

3. Donate directly [for United Kingdom accounts]

Account Name: Green Umbrella UK (HSBC)
International Account Number: GB65HBUK40420862456532
Branch Identifier Code: HBUKGB4109E


4. Donate through Benevity Causes [for Googlers]

Click here.

We really appreciate your support!  Green Umbrella would not be able to operate without your generosity. Education will help students break the cycle of poverty.


Non-profit NGO focusing on education for children in Cambodia.